The smartOar Android App allows you to see real-time force curves on your cell phone or Android Tablet. You can set it up so that your rowers can see their force curves in real-time in the boat. The Android App works in conjunction with a device called a “Bluetooth Translator” that converts the Oar radio signals into Bluetooth signals that work with your cell phone. The Android App and Bluetooth translator cost substantially less than a Coaches Tablet and is far more flexible in its operation.  Note: In fairness to a Coaches Tablet, that device contains a sunlight readable display, whereas the viewability of the App is a function of the Android device you use for display. We find that a decent cell phone with anti-glare add-on cover works in direct sunlight.

There are two version of the Bluetooth Translator (BTT). One is meant for in-boat use and contains a GPS and accelerometer so that you can see boat speed per stroke as well as how the boat behaves during the stroke. The second version is lower cost (no GPS or accelerometer) and meant to control the oars from the launch. It can also “Snoop” on boats that have their own in-boat BTT.  BTT’s wirelessly charge using standard wireless chargers.


For more information and technical details see The Evolution of the Android App

The Android App was designed to be easy to use but has many features best described in the following series of somewhat Amateurish videos that should prove useful in mastering the App.