The smartOar® PC software as available for free download on this website.  The software enables you to view recorded strokes copied from the Coaches Tablet as well as from oars operated in the self-record mode that doesn’t require the tablet.  In addition to viewing the strokes, there is an analyze section that allows you to generate statistics on portions of the data.   You can add the rowers’ names to the seat positions as well as add notes on the workout into the stroke data files for future reference.   You can save or print single strokes as well as make movies of specific rowers over selected portions of the workout. .  Easily see the impulse of each rower for each stroke and the total impulse for entire pieces, seat races, and actual races.

Go to the ‘Downloads’ section to obtain the software.



Look at each stroke, see the impulse, examine catch and release timing, see how the various muscles engage through the stroke, isolate rowers’ curves for closer examination.  Print or save individual strokes or analysis graphs.  Use the cursors to see accurate timing relationships.


Use cursors to select a subset of workout.  Numbers track cursors.  Examine statistics or save data and perform your own analysis.  Zoom in on portions of curve.  Create MP4 movies to send to your crews.

Sample Data for smartOar

See who is rowing harder over course of the piece.  Turn curves on or off to isolate rowers.


See the range of impulses for each rower.  What is their consistency?  Can they handle rough water? Turn curves on or off to isolate rowers.

Go to the ‘Downloads’ section to access user manuals.