SmartOar® can instrument any brand of, sweep, sculling, or tank oars. Each oar system comes with a 6-foot (standard) or 15-foot charging cable and one quad charger for every four oars. If you lack AC power, USB battery packs that can charge four oars simultaneously are available from Amazon at reasonable prices.

You can send us your oars to instrument, or buy new oars. Since oar manufacturers ship in large volume, they get good deals on shipping. You can save in shipping by purchasing new oars and having them shipped direct to us. While oars are light, shippers use “dimensional weight” in determining shipping costs.  As a result, shipping charges are not particularly sensitive to the number of oars shipped. We estimate shipping on the high side because freight shippers often slip in extra delivery charges. We’ll bill you for the actual shipping charges or refund the difference on prepaid orders. We require prepayment from individuals and clubs as well as foreign transactions. We will invoice institutions according to their requirements.

You will need one USB download box to upload data from the oars to a Windows PC.

The Coaches Tablet allows real-time viewing of strokes from a launch. 

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