smartOar® Gate Angle Sensor

smartOar® angle sensors

Prototype gate angle sensor mounted on the gate. Sensor doesn’t interfere with gate action and adjusts to changes in gate height.
smartoar® angle sensors

The gate angle sensor mounts on an inexpensive bracket that adds little height to the rigger.  A single angle sensor is easily moved between seats once brackets are installed.

Video Below Is One Oar Of a Double

The gate angle sensor is “zeroed” when the oar is perpendicular to the axis of the shell.  The catch angle and finish angle are displayed as positive numbers about the zero point for ease of viewing. The information box  for the gate angle sensor shows the catch angle, finish angle, and the total angle.  The cursors on the display can be used to measure “slip”.


Here is a stroke in a four equipped with gate angle sensors. The gate angle sensor curve colors can be set to match the associated oar curve. From the zero of the gate angle curve (oar perpendicular to boat), you can see that the rowers have their footstretchers set toward the stern.  This is corroborated by the catch and release angles. If you observe the gate angle curves at the catch, you can see four different ways of catching.