smartOar software and updates are available to everyone.   The PC software allows you to view previously recorded strokes using either the tablet or the oars in self-record mode.  Feel free to install the software on your PC and view the sample stroke data to see  sweep oars, sculling oars, gate angle sensors, and the in-boat accelerometer in action.  Use the analysis feature to see how smartOar can help you observe and track your, or your  crews, performance.

Our PC software is designed for Windows XP/7/8/10.  Vista is not supported.   We recommend a reasonably modern laptop for good performance.

If you have any issues with the downloads, please feel free to contact us.

 smartOar PC Software – View and analyze tablet  and self-recorded oar data.

Version 3.5  October 2016  This is the one to use. Many new features including much reduced time from selecting a file to seeing the first strokes. HOWEVER – it requires a more powerful computer to run  this software.  SPECIFICALLY – a quad core CPU or a dual-core CPU that supports multi-threading such as the Intel Core I5 processor.   Contact us if you have questions.

Version 2.1.0 January 2013:  This original version has limited features but runs on most PCs.  Important: if you are moving from the newer version back to this version, you must first uninstall the newer version.

NOTE: some anti-virus software may interfere with the installation of this software and may need to be disabled.  Installing an upgrade will not delete stroke data you already have saved on your PC.

smartOar Tablet Software – Update your tablet via a USB  thumb drive

Version 1.2.7 October 2016:  Dropout issues fixed. Dim display by pressing oar 7 and back simultaneously.  Press oar 7 and forward to increase display back light brightness.

Save a copy of this software on a thumb drive.  Turn the tablet on and wait for the tablet to show  the Oar Select screen.  Insert thumb drive.  The tablet will automatically load the software and erase it from the thumb drive.  Remove the thumb drive when the tablet says it is restarting.

NEW!: smartOar User Manuals in PDF Format

Download the Coaches’ Tablet User’s Guide 11/8/16
Download the Oar User’s Guide 11/8/16
Download the PC Software User’s Guide 11/8/16