With the exception of a one-time fee for the Android app, smartOar® software and updates are free to all.  The PC software Display program allows you to view previously recorded strokes from either the Coaches Tablet, the new Android App or data from oars in self-record mode.  The Download program, in conjunction with a single or quad Download Box, allows you to download self-recorded data from oars so that you don’t need a Coaches Tablet or Android App.  You can use the Update program to customize your oar names and update the oar software as needed.

Feel free to download and install the software on your PC to view the sample stroke data including a recording of a crew in the HOCR.   See sweep oars and sculling oars in action.  Use the analysis feature in Display to see how smartOar® can help you observe and track performance.

 smartOar® PC Software Installer Version 5_10 – Released April 2024 – Download the PC Software and view examples of actual force curve workouts.  If you previously installed the Demo Display Software, you must uninstall it before installing the full Software Package.

NOTES:  Our PC software is designed for Windows XP/7/8/10/11.  Vista is not supported.  We recommend a reasonably modern laptop for good performance. If you have any issues with the download, please contact us. Installing an upgrade will not delete stroke data you already have saved on your PC.

smartOar® Coaches Tablet Software – January 2019:

   The current version of the Coaches Tablet software involves some hardware modifications.  If your Coaches Tablet has a black boat mount on the bottom, then it has been updated.  If not, then you will have to contact us to arrange for the return and upgrade of your unit. 

smartOar® User Manuals in PDF Format updated for PC Software Installer Version 5.10

Download the Coaches’ Tablet User’s Guide Ver 4_0
Download the Oar User’s Guide Ver 4_0
Download the PC Software User’s Guide Ver 4_0